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As the world's population grows and urban centers become even more complex, the role technology will play in making cities of the future smarter and more efficient cannot be overstated. Entrepreneurs, innovators and leading tech manufacturers from around the globe are developing the solutions and the products that will lead us gently into the future.

Learn more about the products that are enabling innovators, like Veniam, a Porto Portugal-based company, to transform their hometown into a Wi-Fi mesh network comprised of mobile hotspots.

Molex Mini50 Sealed Connection System

The Mini50 features smaller terminals to fit more low-current electrical circuits, which helps achieve 25% space savings over traditional sealed 0.64mm connectors in transportation-vehicle applications.

Molex HSAutoLink™ II Interconnect System

These rugged connectors attain data rates up to 5GBps and supports USB3.0, LVDS, and DisplayPort, which meets the bandwidth requirements for advanced in-vehicle applications including infotainment and telematics.

Molex DuraClik™ 2.0mm Pitch Wire-to-Board Connectors

Designed for instrumentation applications that operate in high vibration environments, the DuraClik system ensures complete connector locking and prevents lock breakage during handling.

Molex FAKRA II RF Connector System

FAKRA II meets both American USCAR and German FAKRA automotive standards for coaxial connections on devices with external antennas, enabling such applications as SDARS, Cellular, and GPS Navigation.

Molex In-Vehicle USB BC 1.2 Charger

This off-the-shelf pre-assembled active USB battery charger facilitates drop-in design for existing rocker-switch panels in commercial vehicles and is compliant with Battery Charging 1.2 standards.

Molex SpeedMezz™ Connector Family

The SpeedMezz™ family delivers versatile solutions for high-speed mezzanine, rugged edge-card, and lower speed applications, and it offers high-densities, low profiles, and data rates up to 56 Gbps per differential pair.

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Sealed Connectors

Environmentally sealed plugs, receptacles, and power connectors provide an ideal interconnect solution for a wide range of heavy-duty and harsh-environment applications including IP67 or IP68 requirements.

Lite-Trap and Mini Lite-Trap SMT Wire-to-Board Connector System

Designed for thin LED lighting-module applications, this connector system offers profile heights down to 2.65mm, easy wire removal, low wire insertion, high wire retention forces, and very stable wire seating.

Brad® Connectors Ultra-Lock®, Micro-Change® & Mini-Change®

Using a patented push-to-lock technology, the Brad® Ultra-Lock® connection system incorporates a mechanical locking design and a unique radial-seal that delivers unsurpassed performance and reliability.

105443 Series Waterproof Micro-USB Connectors

The 105443 series connectors are mechanically robust enough to withstanding post-solder reflow while preventing water ingression at IP7 level and with a current-carrying capacity of 2.0A.

Molex Standalone Antennas

Based on diverse manufacturing and RF technologies, Molex antennas offer high performance and ease of integration for demanding wireless applications spanning the industrial, medical and automotive markets.

Molex Brad® Connectors

Brad® M12, M8, and IP67 Connectors are designed to simplify the installation process and provide reliable performance even in the most demanding industrial environments.

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Nano-Pitch I/O Interconnect System

This industry leading port density, multi-protocol interconnect system offers enhanced signal integrity for PCIe and SAS solutions, allowing data to move at up to 25Gbps.

Micro IDT Coaxial Connectors

Uses ultra-thin wires that provide superior shielding, easier signal routing, and greater space saving over FFC/FPC connectors, and offers a double-clamp wire for both electrical and mechanical grounding.

Easy-On™ FFC/FPC Connectors

Easy-OnTM FFC/FPC connectors offer a wide variety of space-saving choices with pitch starting at 0.20mm and movable contacts that provide more secure contact retention force.

SlimStack™ Connectors Micro SMT Board-to-Board

SlimStack™ offers a wide variety of space-saving choices with pitch starting at 0.35mm and stack height as low 0.60mm.

WiFi®-Ready MID Chip and Ceramic SMT Antennas

These antennas start at 3.00mm x 3.00mm x 4.00mm to free up space on the reverse side of PCB. They feature an omnidirectional radiation pattern without the need for discrete components.

USB Type-C Solutions

These connectors offer greater PCB savings while enabling high-frequency mating in data and consumer applications. Featuring a maximum data throughput of 10Gbps and current capacity of 5.0A.